Friday, August 9, 2013

Ibone prothom choda chudi korar oviggota

amar premikar shathe choda chudi - amar premika gramer meya Robina (First experience of sex in my life with my girlfriend Robina - she is a village girl)
Oh, she was too much hot & sexy and above that it was my first sex. She is brown complexioned girl but uuuh I can't express you how sexy were those brown breasts. Ami to or dudh chuste chuste pagol hoya gasilam. Ak shomoy ami pagoler moto jore kamur e bosia diasilam. And his vagina? I never ever thought a non-white girl's vagina would be so sexy, excitying and juicy.
Hey don't think that I am a playboy. I don't taste girls one by one - she is my first love, first sex, and i still love her. I share my happy and exciting moments with others and now I am sharing it with you - don't get me wrong, i am just a free minded boy.

I have many friends and much more female friends. I like to be with my female friends and they also like me but it's great sorrow for me that I never had opportunity to have sex with any girl - i actually did not dare to propose them for sex.

My name is Shom - live in Nator city but our real home is in a distant village. We occasionally go to our village home for example on Eid and on long holidays. It was after my year change exam - i am a intermediate student - we went to our village home.

One day my cousin Rohan and I was walking in the fields and mango orchards. I saw few girls were walking together to a distance. But they were much more different than us. They were restless, laughing loud, running and walking and sometimes playing flee and catch. And much more noticeable was a girl who was more jolly and I say like a Tarjan Girl, like a monkey. She also climb trees better than some boys - at least me.

I asked my cousin who was that girl ?

"Robina, Rahat member ar meya, to to company'r manager. Sharadin khali dhay dhay kore ghure barano sara or kaj e ney."

amar cousin ar konthe kisu rag ar obohela prokash pelo.

"Kise pore re?", I asked him.

"Class ten a"

I liked the girl very much - but also was very surprised for many times I came to our village home but did not meet her! I thought that she would be better companion in this village for me than anyone else - a good friend. I like jolly people who can smile who can laugh freely because I am.

I was desperate to make friendship with her but that was in no degree a proper time to get introduced with her. We went from there for the time. At afternoon I was sitting on one side of our pond. Suddenly I saw that Robina was passing by. I called her,

"Ai Robina shono..."

he turned to me but not shy like other village girls. He came to me, I told her


"Apni Shom, Nator thaken inter a poren."

I was almost shocked, surprised and speechless.

"Tumi kivabe janle...?"

"Janeeesi, ar ata na janar ki holo?"

Tar ai "SHOROLness" amar khub valo laglo. Ato valovabe shohorer maya rao mishte pare na.

"Amar shathe boshe kotha bolte ki kono oshubidha ase tomar" I told her as she was talking standing near me. And I called her to talk to her sitting beside me.

"Oshubidha thakbe kano! Apni bagh na valluk na ki vut-parot. Ami to chassilam apnar shathe ase e kotha bolte..."

"WOW, a je megh na chaite e bristi..." i said to myself silently.

Din ta o valo cilo ar bikel ar dike ai pukur par a temon key thake na. Ar aj shudhu ami e ar shey shathe akjon valo bondhu. Ami kintu ato kharap na je bondhu hobo sex korar jonno. Ami tokhon take shudhu akjon valo bondhu vabsilam.

Amra pora sona nia e pri half an hour golpo korlam. Tar por hothat kore ami jigges korlam

"Tumr sele bondhu ase koi ta?"

Robina 1st a aktu chup theke bollo

"ak ta"

ami jiggas korlam ke.

"Amar pashe je bose ase..."

Ami to obak hoya galam. Ami kotha tar jonno prostut silam na - karon amar jana silo na gram ar maya amon vabe kotha bolte parbe.

O amake ask korlo,

"Apni kawke valobasen..."

Amar mathay akta buddhi alo,

"Basi na to mone hoi bashte shuru koresi..."

Face ektu molin kore hasi mukh chesta kore bollo,

"Ke sey vaggoboti..."

O nicher dike takia ase. Ami khub aste aste amar thot or kaner kase nia gia fis fis kore bollam,

"Je amar pase bose ase..."

O prothome khub chomke uthlo... amar chokher dike obak dristite takalo - ami tokhon smito hasse tar dike takia ase - o nijer ojante or du hat dia amar du hat dhore udbeg jorito konthe bollo,

"Sotti bolso..."

Ami or hat aro jore chap dia, hothat kore or dan gale chumu dia bollam,

"Shotti shotti shotti, i am in love with you..."

Akhon onek din por amar oi kotha ti mone porle nijer kase nijer e lojja lage - koto taratari e na bolesilam kotha gulo.

Robina to lojjay borof golala panir moto glole porsilo pray ar se ki darun lojja vora hashi - ami or hat ta dhore bollam,

"Cholo odike hat te jay..."

Atokhon a amar khayal holo ashe pashe key dakhe ne to ? I looked around anxiously, thanks god none was there!

Amra mather rasta dia cholte suru korlam, ami to kotha bolte e parsi na ar or moto uronto pakhi o subodh balikar moto chup kore hatse - prye misti misti miti miti hashse.

Gramer math gulole pani ses dawar jonno ses jontro boshano thate ar ta akta kure ghorer moddhe thake. Amra je metho poth dia jassilam o rasta te kono manus tokhon silo na abong thake o oi shomoy. Ektu dure e o rokom akta kure ghor dakhte paya bollam,

"Cholo okhane bose golpo kori"

Without saying a word or hesitating she followed me - beleive me I only wanted to talk to her there, because outside it will not look fair in the eyes of villagers. It was the warmth of first love. I have many female friends and passed many long hours with the gossiping and doing some silly and fair noughty things but never had a girlfriend...

Oi ghor ta te akta soto chowki (ja shavabik vabe e thake) silo, o ar ami pasahapashi boslew ektu dure boshlam. O nicher dike matite takia silo, ami aro pash gheshe boshlam, or hat amar hater moddhe nilam. O tobu o nicher takia thaklo - kono kotha bollo na. Ami bollam,

"Kisu bolso na jeee..."

A bar amar dike kapa kapa dristi te takia kompoman konthote bollo,

"Tuuumi bolo na..."

Ami bolar kisu e khuje pelam na, kisukhon ratrir nistobdhotay dube thakar por ok halka kore du hate joria dhore or thote kiss korlam - o kisu bollo na, badha dilo na, shudhu kapap kapa dristite amar chokhe chokh rakhlo. Abar or thote chumu dilam, or bam gale dilam, tarpor dan gale. O shudhu bondho chokhe amar chumbon gulo shushe nilo ar nissas ghono hote thaklo. Tokhon byre surjo dubse ar amar premer surjo ujjoltoro hosse.

Ami oke aro jore chepe dhorlam, o chokh khule amar dike takalo, amar thot ar kase or thot nia alo, ami or nishsas ar usnota feel korlam, or thoter sporso amake pagol kore dilo, amar thot the o thot shoratey chassilo na. Ami oke abar chumu dilam, o o amake abar pagoler moto kis korte thaklo, aro ushno hoya uthlo amar shoris, amar nissas o vari hote thaklo, ok ami aro valovabe joria dhorlam, amake o o pagoler moto japte dhorlo. Or thot theke ami or or shugothito upotokka (valley) ar moddhe neme aslam mudrito chokhe. O amar matha or buker moddhe chepe dhorlo, amar nissas bondho hoia ashsilo kintu a madokota nissas chassilo na. Ami or kameez ta tene niche namate laglam - o badha dilo na. Ami or dudh ar sporse aro pagol hoya uthlam. Oke tule chowki ar upor sua dilam. Or upore uthe ami or thot chuste suru korlam, tokhon amar puro shorir uttejonay kapse, or o kapse. O chokh bondho kore ase amar chokh adho khola.
Or shorirer sporshe amar puro shorirer ongo prottongo gulo bare bare shewre uthse.
Or thot theke golate gola theke buke amar thot chose berasse, ar or hat amar puro shorir shaper moto joria joria cholse.

Ami or kameez aro tanate pot kore ektu shobdo holo, kintu amar tokhon ato vabar shomoyer shomoy ney - ami jor kore e or kameez khule fellam onek koste, o badha dilo na temon, shudhu montro mugdho ar moto chokh bondho kore ase.

Kameez khulte e or dudh duto laf dia amar chokher shamne spring korte laglo.
Or dudh gulo x film gulote joto boro dekhesi toto boro na tobe ader theke sundor abong well shaped abong ektu shokto holew flexible. Ami pagoler moto or dudh gulo dhore tipte laglam ak hat dia dhore tipi to arek hat dia ar akta thore pagoler moto kamrate, chuste ar chat te thaki. Aaaah aaah aaaaaah uuuuuhhhh korte thake o. Majhe majhe ektu jore kamor lagle eeeesh kore uthe.

Adike amar sona tar obostha o obornonio, o o kisu pawar jonno pagol hoya othe. Tokhon surjo bodh hoi dube gase ty ondhokare tamon kisu dakha jasse na othoba amar chokh e alo dakhte chassilo na hoi to. Ami abar or thot chuste laglam ar bam hat dia dudh tipte thaklam - amar bam hat khujte thaklo or pyjama'r filta. Fita hate paya ami jore tan marlam jeno khule jay. Vaggo prosonno silo ty khule galo. O or hat amar pith theke ane or pajama dhore fello ar mukh dia ki jeno bolte chassilo kintu amar thot or thote chepe thakay kisu bolte parlo na sudhu uuuuum uuuuum shobdo shona galo. Ami or thot chuste thaklam ar du hat dia or hat soria nia ak jhotkay or payjama jothesto niche namia dilam and then within a fraction of second ami chowki theke niche neme du hat dia payjamar du leg tan dilam , o uthte lagay ami again khub druto or upor sua porle or thot amar thoth chepe dhoram ar hat dia dudh tipte laglam aro jore. O ar badha na dia pagoler moto amakew joria dhore puro gaya hat bulate laglo.

O tokhon puro ulongo, kintu ami pant ar ganji pora ty or theke asole onek dure ami ak hat dia amar pant ar huk khlte lagla - aibar o nije e du hat dia amar pant ar huk ar chain khule dilo. Shonge shonge baria alo amar tog bog kore fut te thaka sona ta. O amar shona ta hat dia chepe dhorlo - se muhurter feeling volar noi. Ami ai shujoge amar ganji khule fellam ar o amar pant puro khule felte shajjo korlo. Ami ar dari na kore ok puro suya dia or du thang du dike fak kore dilam. Amar hero ta or votar modde dhukia dite gelam onk jore kintu prothom bar bol mis hoia or vodar nis dike slip katlo. Ar porer bar amar hole ta bam hate dhore or votar modde aste kore dhukia dilam. Kintu mar shisno'r mostok ar besh dhuklo na ty jore chap dilam ar o eeeeeeeh kore soto chitkar kore uthlo. Amar se ki anondoer shihoron boie galo shorir dia bojhate parbo na...

Aro jore thela dia ar ektu dhukia dia or gayer upor sua pore dudh kamrate laglam ar amar shona ta aro chap dilam. Or pither tol dia hat dia aro chepe dhorlam oke, abar or thot chuste suru korlam, abar amar penis or vaginar vitor theke ber kore ante laglam ar o pray kede uthlo kintu amir or thot chuste thakay se shobdo onno rokom sexy rup nilo.

Aiba abar amar penis ta or vaginar modde dhukia olpo olpo pumping korte laglam ar o ooooo oooooh uuuuuuuu uuuu aaaaaah aah kora suru korlo.

Akbar or thot chush si abar or breast suck korsi , hat dia moida sanar nnto tipsi, jokhon tepar speed kome jasse o nijer hat ane aro jore tipse. Adike chosha tepa ar choda ak shathe chalia jassi ami.
Amar chudar speed aro baria dilam o uuuuh uuuuh ah ah ah ah aro jore korte thaklo. Hothat kore or jowno rosh amar penis ke goshol koria dilo. Ami aro jore jore chud te laglam akshomoy amar shorir shir shir kore uthte laglo, se ak darun onvuti, amar chokh bondho hoya ashsilo, amar nissas onek vari hoya galo, or dudher moddhe ami mukh lukalam, o amar matha passionately or dudher moddhe chepe dhoro...



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